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Diet and cancer prevention: Dietary compounds, dietary MicroRNAs, and dietary exosomes

(2018) Diet and cancer prevention: Dietary compounds, dietary MicroRNAs, and dietary exosomes. Journal of cellular biochemistry. pp. 185-196. ISSN 1097-4644 (Electronic) 0730-2312 (Linking)


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Cancer is one of main health public problems worldwide. Several factors are involved in beginning and development of cancer. Genetic and internal/external environmental factors can be as important agents that effect on emerging and development of several cancers. Diet and nutrition may be as one of important factors in prevention or treatment of various cancers. A large number studies indicated that suitable dietary patterns may help to cancer prevention or could inhibit development of tumor in cancer patients. Moreover, a large numbers studies indicated that a variety of dietary compounds such as curcumin, green tea, folat, selenium, and soy isoflavones show a wide range anti-cancer properties. It has been showed that these compounds via targeting a sequence of cellular and molecular pathways could be used as suitable options for cancer chemoprevention and cancer therapy. Recently, dietary microRNAs and exosomes have been emerged as attractive players in cancer prevention and cancer therapy. These molecules could change behavior of cancer cells via targeting various cellular and molecular pathways involved in cancer pathogenesis. Hence, the utilization of dietary compounds which are associated with powerful molecules such as microRNAs and exosomes and put them in dietary patterns could contribute to prevention or treatment of various cancers. Here, we summarized various studies that assessed effect of dietary patterns on cancer prevention shortly. Moreover, we highlighted the utilization of dietary compounds, dietary microRNAs, and dietary exosomes and their cellular and molecular pathways in cancer chemoprevention.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: cancer, diet, dietary exosomes, dietary microRNA, dietary pattern, prevention
Page Range: pp. 185-196
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of cellular biochemistry
Journal Index: ISI, Pubmed, Scopus
Volume: 119
Number: 1
Identification Number: 10.1002/jcb.26244
ISSN: 1097-4644 (Electronic) 0730-2312 (Linking)
Depositing User: دکتر محبوبه عبداللهی

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